Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gymnastics loses a great friend in Kim Bird

With incredible sorrow, we have lost one of the greatest forces in Arizona Gymnastics.
Kim Bird, owner and founder of Tumbleweeds, passed away on 11/19/07, after battling complications from Valley Fever.
Donations can be made in Kim's honor as follows:
Please make checks payable to the U of A Foundation making special note for your donation to be credited to the NIK-Z Development.
Donations can be mailed to:
The Valley Fever Center of Excellence
PO Box 205215
Tucson, Arizona 85724
For your own insight: There is no cure for Valley Fever. The Valley Fever Center of Excellence is the only research center in the United States and is located in Tucson, Arizona. While there are many areas in which funds can be donated, the Bird Family specifically chose this one (NIK-Z Development) as it is a research project helping to develop a vaccination for Valley Fever.
To learn more about Kim Bird, please visit
Kim will be greatly missed. Please feel free to join others in sharing your thoughts and stories about how this man touched your life.


Tumbleweeds Gymnastics said...

Kim Bird you ARE Figjam! We will not let you down! Everyone that walked through your doors was a star in your eyes and we will make sure those stars continue to shine brightly. OMG Kim! I miss you so much! Be at peace my friend. Love Nancee Wolter

Jamie said...

Kim was ALWAYS upbeat and positive with trying to get kids to love gymnastics, and he did. I've known him for at least 10 years and I still can't believe he's gone! He will be missed by SO many. He's been such an integral part to Tucson gymnastics, and has done so much for the sport itself. He coached girls, judged club gymnasts, judged collegiate gymnasts, and sent numerous girls on to college gymnastics to further their experiences and love for the sport. I will miss Kim dearly. Rest in peace Kim - your legacy will live on. :)

~Jamie Holton (PGA gymnast, UA gymnast, former Tumbleweeds coach)

Anonymous said...

We will all miss you Kim.I and my family wish we could have known you better. Be at peace and our prayers and deepest sympathies go out to all of your family and all your kids at Tumbleweeds.
I know you will be in our hearts always .

Emily and Zoe Martin

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for all you've done Kim. Even though we've only been at Tumbleweeds for a short time, you've made a big impression. It's amazing to see what you've done for so many. You will be missed greatly by all. It's still so unbelievable. Bird family you are in our prayers. Thanks for everything.

cassie said...

Kim was a great coach and I will miss him very much. He was there for everybody and I still can't get it into my head that he is gone.I will miss him a whole lot and he was my all time favorite judge and coach. People knew Kim very well and so did I. It has been a hard loss and I wish I could have said good bye. Every day i walked into the gym and saw Kim's face it made me smile right away. I WILL MISS YOU KIM !!!!!
Cassie Haley

Anonymous said...

Kim Bird will be dearly missed by so many whose lives he touched. Bird family - you have been constantly in my thoughts and please be SO proud of what he did while he was here. The results of Kim's efforts will be alive forever.
With my greatest sympathy, Danica Cullins (a fellow judge and board member)

icchamp said...

Although, I did not know Kim for very long, I could tell he had a very strong influence on the AZ gymnastics community. He was funny, yet firm. He will be missed . My thoughts go out to his gymnast, family and friends. Derek May, Head coach at Aspire.

The McMullan's said...

To all the Tumbleweeds family, our deepest sympathy. Your gym family will be there for you. Kim made us all feel better as people every time you saw him. I believe the funnest moment I have ever experienced at a gym meet was Kim's routine impersonating Robbie's Mom during his tradional Halloween Meet two years ago. We are going to watch that today and be thankful we had our time with him. As a judge, he was consistently the watchful eye that when you got a great score, you knew you had done well. But most of all, he was always positive and happy. In a sport that perfection is what you seek, it was clear that Kim found the best in each person he met. It didn't matter whether you were a gymnast, a parent, or a volunteer at a meet, he treated you like were someone special. Rest in peace my friend.

girlzthing said...

To the staff and families of Tumbleweeds Gymnastics: We share in your sorrow and are greatly saddened by your loss. It was always a pleasure to do business with Kim. His energy was truly infectious! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Allie and Ronee Goldstone

Alison said...

Kim, I wish I could have told you how much you positively impacted my life as a coach. Thank you for all you taught me, and all of us, and for challenging everyone in AZ and beyond to keep up with Tumbleweeds. I know all the athletes, coaches and judges (even the former ones) will miss your sense of humor and charismatic personality out on the floor. You touched everyone who knew you.

- Alison Panisello

Anonymous said...

I don't even know where to start. Kim was such an amazing person over all. He was the most energetic man I have ever met and he put all that energy into teaching children to love the sport of gymnastics just as he did. I remember the first time I met him.. I walked into the gym and he just greeted me with open arms and a smile. And then he made fun of me for having a huge cut on my shin and asked if i did it shaving. ha. I can still not believe that he's gone. I feel like I'm going to walk into the gym and hes going to be there like the last time I saw him and give me a big hug. Kim has touched so many people's lives. It is unbelievable. I know he touched mine. He made me believe in the sport of gymnastics again. He taught me so much and yea every once in a while hed get frustrated with me but i know he meant good by it.. He just knew that I could do it when I didnt believe that I could. Every gymnast he's coached has changed their gymnastics in incredible ways. and he changed all of our lives. We all love you and will miss you incredibly. Mommy, Nancee, I love you and be strong.

Love, Rachelle

Anonymous said...

Kim was an amazing gymnstics coach. He taught me more in a year then any other coach. I am truly grateful to have had him in my life. When i decided to quit gymnastics and join the cheer squad at my high school, he was so supportive and wonderful, and continued to be my coach when i would return to the gym to pratice tumbling. He truly believed in what was best for each of his gymnsats, old and new, and had something to teach all of us. I still cannot believe he is gone... Kim, you will be deeply missed by the many lives you touched throughout your life. We love you.


Anonymous said...

Kim will be so deeply missed. It is a hard pill to swallow to know I will never see Kim at a judges table again, or see him out on the floor at a gym meet. Fortunately I can look back on the good times and smile. I am so very greatful to have known Kim as a coach and as a friend, I count myself lucky. Without him I would not be the gymnastics coach, nor the person that I am today. I will miss you Kim, but everytime I am in a gymnastics arena I will think of you and smile. Love Zena

Stacie Sims said...

Kim was and incredible coach who saw great potential in every single girl in the gym! He had an infectious love of gymnastics which inspired each girl to want to be the best gymnast they could be! He was an amazing, generous man with a huge heart who forever touched our lives and we will never forget him. Thank you Kim, mentor, advocate, FRIEND!!

Anonymous said...

Kim aka "Scott"

I keep saying it over and over, I can't believe you're gone. You were, for 15 years of my life, one of my best friends. You were always there to lend an ear through my toughest times, through all my highs and lows. You helped me when I was in a bad spot when I lived in Los Angeles, something I never repaid you for, and now I can never do.
I will always remember you for your quirky smile and innocent chuckles. Your spirit for life, and your determination to make those around you feel welcomed and know their full potential. I can't express my guilt and sorrow for not being there in your final moments, I will live with that for the rest of my life.
You will be greatly missed my friend. I love you so much! Heaven gained something wonderful monday

With so much love, your friend,
Leonard Tucker Jr.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing & inspirational coach & judge Kim was. I'll never forget the day that he tried to motivate a group of campers at PGA camp in Prescott back in 1994. They were on beam & working on their flight series. He said "I bet I could do a layout stepout on this beam right now. If I do it will you do it?" The girl said "Sure!". He jumped up on the beam & did it!! What a nut!! We will all miss you & your positive attitude Kim. Brandee Proffit (All Starz Academy)

bruno said...

bruno said...
We SALUTE you! You will truly be missed! Kim was my coach in gymnastics under head coach Pat Arnold in the early 80's I was in competitive gymnastics from 1975-1984. In May 2007, Kim saw the potential in my daughter when the other gym did not... My daughter trained since May with Tumbleweeds in level 4 and even after she broke both her heels in July 2007she still went on to compete a pretty successful season Thanks to Kim. Kim made sure of that and made sure she was determined and he saw her dream and made sure her dreams came true! Kim was a spectacular and dynamic man! and we will all mourn and miss him! We know that he will always continue to "Judge" us from up above from his heavenly home! WE SALUTE YOU KIM BIRD! Gods blessing to the entire Bird Family during this trying time!

Anonymous said...

Kim, you are an amazing coach and person. You loved gymnastics so much and that made me want to do even better just so i could make you happy. When i first came to Tumbleweeds i knew basically nothing compared to what i know now. You told my mom that you didn't care if i was old or tall or whatever as long as i loved gymnastics and wanted to work hard. I did. You have taught me so much over the past year and have helped me improve a lot. I will never forget you Kim. You are a great teacher, coache, and person. Thank you. <3

Anonymous said...

Kim Bird, I have known you my entire life, well since I was a tumble-tot at Parks in Rec. First, you made me love gymnastics. Then, you gave me a spot on your team at Tumbleweeds. Even though I was not the best gymnast, too old and too tall, you always made me feel like an important part of the team. Next, you gave me my first job and you believed in me as a coach. When I started at the U of A, you gave me a position coaching team. Some of the parents were outraged by an 18 year old coaching team, but you stood by me. You encouraged me to choreograph, taught me to spot and threw me into optional gymnastics. After so many years, you became a dear friend and were always there for me, especially during my illness and recovery. My years at Tumbleweeds, coaching next to you, were life changing and have completely shaped the person I am today. What amazes me is that there are hundreds of girls/young women who share this sentiment with me. You single handedly impacted the life of every girl who ever stepped foot in Tumbleweeds. You have raised a generation of bright, ambitious and confident young women. Your life's work will live on through each of us. I am honored to have known you and I will miss you dearly.
Love Always, Jessica wickizer

steve said...

You were not only a boss, but a friend and mentor. It's hard to imagine not seeing you again. Thank you for everything you have taught me and done for me--it would be impossible to repay you for that even if you were still here. You will be missed.

-Stephen Rosanelli

Anonymous said...

Kim was very close to all of our hearts. He was a very loving, kind, and courageous man. When I came to Tumbleweeds, I knew it was HOME because of Kim. He was a sincere, genuine man, that guided me in my goals for gymnastics. He showed me the way and helped me with my efforts. He was a great judge and coach. I know that he will be in all of our hearts and thoughts. Us gymnasts will not let Kim down, by doing what we do best: GYMNASTICS! I am glad to have known Kim and will never, ever forget him. He changed my life forever!

Love Jenn

Thalia said...

Kim it is hard for me to believe you are gone. It will be hard for me to walk through the door at Tumbleweeds, knowing that you will not be there. I feel blessed that you gave me the chance to be a part of the Tumbleweeds family. I will never forgot you and what you have done to make be a better gymnast. Tumbleweeds will never forget you. I will always miss you. God please bless Kim's family and help them throgh this hard time.

Love Thalia

Anonymous said...

You are the face of AZ gymnastics. You have inspired so many athletes, you have supported so many of your fellow colleagues, and you have touched so many lives. You will be missed. May you rest in peace.

"Although it's difficult today to see beyond the sorrow,
May looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow".

Michelle Farrelly

Anonymous said...

It is very hard to believe that I am not going to see Kim again. It was always a pleasure coming into the gym to coach for him, he was always there with a smile on his face and he always had something funny or kind to say to me. He truly was one of the greatest gymnastics coaches I have ever met, and I will not forget how much I learned from him in the short time I was able to be with him, and I know I am a better coach because of him. He believed in any gymnast that walked through his door as long as they had a love for gymnastics, because he had the greatest love for the sport that I have seen in anyone.

I will truly miss you Kim. Rest in Peace, knowing that you touched so many people's lives and made the sport of gymnastics so much greater.
-Kelly Flegal

Anonymous said...

Kim Bird was not only an asset to gymnastics, he was a great person who will be missed by everyone who was priviledged enoughed to meet him. The love and respect for Kim is a trophy to this very special person. Jan McNall National Judge

Naita said...

To be honest, I'm still in shock and can't really comprehend it. Kim was such an amazing and generous friend, employer, and overall gymnastics fanatic. I've only known him for two and a half years, but I've learned a great amount from him. I appreciate the time I did have to share with you, and thank you for trusting me with your team. He truly loved the sport and it exuded in his daily presence. You are dearly missed Kim, I wish I could express better my sincere gratitude and love for you.

For the Bird family and Tumbleweeds family, I am so sorry for the loss, I wish I could be there with you guys. My prayers are with you all and with Kim...

Love, Naita Saechao

Anonymous said...

To the Bird and Tumbleweeds families, my thoughts and prayers go out to you in this time of pain and sorrow. One of the main things I think of when I think of Kim Bird was his ability to lighthen the mood when he walked into a room. He had such an incredible way of making people smile even when they didn't want to. He was loved and will be missed dearly.
Molly Bozzuto(friend and colleague)

Anonymous said...

Kim was a great person. He was a great coach and a great judge. He was always positive and energetic. I have known Kim for a long time. When I left Tumbleweeds and wanted to come he welcomed me and didn't tell me I couldn't come back. I learned so much from him. I know he loved coaching and that is why he was such a great coach. Kim will always be missed.

Love Kelsey Brewster

Anonymous said...

I am so terribly saddened to hear the news of Kim's passing. AZ gymnastics just won't be the same without him. Kim had such a positive impact on everyone he touched in the sport. One of the first meets I ever judged was a big invitational meet with Kim. He was so encouraging to me. He gave me pointers, yet all the time boosting my self-esteem and telling me I was "a natural." I remember telling him, "Geez...I wish you could have been MY coach when I was in gymnastics." I just know he would have enabled me to reach my potential...because of the way he was. From that day on I've loved Kim Bird, and all that he does for gymnastics. It's a tough, demanding sport and we need all of the Kims we can get. I will so miss him but know his leagacy in the sport will endure! Love Always, Cathie White

Anonymous said...

it was such a shock to hear that my former gymnastics coach had passed away. kim bird welcomed me to his gym and put me on his team, and coached me for about 2 years. when i left for a different gym, he called me into his office and told me his doors were always open, and i did come back. i remember at his halloween meets he dressed up as robbie, one of the judges and did a floor routine--one of the funniest and most entertaining things i have ever seen. when i quit at the end of 6th grade, almost 5 years ago, i quit gymnastics for good. last year, 4 years later i came back to take a tumbling class with my friend. i walked in and he llooked at me (i was at least 8 inches taller, and 4 years older) and he goes "emily grant?! is that you" and he introduced me to the tumbling coaches "she used to be on my team!!" kim bird never failed to make anybody smile, and he will be missed very greatly by me, and many many many others. he has turned tumbleweeds into such a success, making every gymnast a great one that he coached. rip kim.

--emily grant

Anonymous said...

Kim was an amazing coach and friend. He taught us all something that we will remember for the rest of our lives. He was a great inspiration to everybody. We will all miss him so much. We love you Kim!

Anonymous said...

In reading all the comments it appears that we are all very shocked by this sudden loss. They are the hardest to understand or make sense of. It seems obvious that we would all agree Arizona has lost one of it's best. To the Bird family my heart goes out to words could possibly make sense of this, but know that our prayers are with you and I hope in that you find a small sense of comfort. To the Tumbleweeds gymnasts...I spoke with Kim the Tuesday before his are the most important thing to him and to honor his memory make sure you continue to pursue your gymnastics dreams. He would not want to get in the way of that. When you go out to compete this season where that black and pink with pride and know that he is now with you always. To you my friend Kim Bird...journey to your resting place in peace and go there knowing that you are loved and respected and will be deeply missed. Thank you for your amazing support of me, my position, and our sport. Your friend, Debby Farrelly

Anonymous said...

Although I haven't know Kim for nearly as long as I would of liked, but in the short time I was able to get to know him he welcomed me with open arms into the Arizona gymnastics community. He was a colleague that I could turn to if I had a question on training methods, and a wonderful person to brainstorm with. I will deeply miss his sarcasm at the meets because he was always able to put a smile on my face. Thank you for being such a good person always willing to listen with an open ear.

Your Friend,
Larry LaBelle

Chrissy Hackman said...

I've known Kim for over 11 years, and from the first time I met him I knew he was going to make a difference in my life. He was so influential in my life, both in and out of the gym. He pushed me to be a better gymnasts and OF COURSE gave me my first job as a coach once I was no longer able to compete. He was such a great person, he never hesitated to write a letter of recommendation for me, no matter how many times I needed one. He did so much for family during the most difficult times. He was not only a great coach, but a great role model and a great friend. I still can't believe he is gone. I will miss him dearly.

Rest in Peace, Kim, and tell Jet I said Hi!

Dawn said...

It is an honor to have known Kim Bird. His passing is a loss for all of us in gymnastics.

Kim, your parents and family should be so proud of you and how you chose to use your talents and energy. We are sorry for your loss. Brad and I can only imagine what it would feel like to lose a son.

And to the Tumbleweeds organization and athletes, we express our deepest sorrow to you. Always remember to carry on his legacy of how to raise not just a gymnast, but how to raise a person.

Our deepest regrets to all of you.
Dawn & Brad Cattermole
Brigham Young University

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kim, your the best coach I've ever had. You were so encouraging. It's like you knew everything I was going to do before I did it. You are the best out of all the coach's I've had. I'm going to miss you Kim.


Anonymous said...

Kim, you were one of the most fun, positive, dedicated and energetic people that I have ever met. YOU WERE Arizona Gymnastics! Your upbeat personality coupled with your ability to coach anyone and everyone was your legacy. You made everyone feel that they were soooo special! Whether a gymnast or a parent, you made us a friend for life. We miss you dearly. Rest in peace, dear Kim. Love, Danny and Janet Hoffman

Anonymous said...

Kim, I miss you so much! I cannot even begin to describe how much you mean to me and what a great impact you had, and will continue to have on my life. You have contributed so much to the woman I am today. If it was not for your amazing coaching ability, dedication and love, I would never have gotten to where I am today. You made me into a great gymnast, taught me so many life long lessons and helped me get a scholarship for gymnastics. I am so thankful that you were in my life and continued to be in my life even through college. I have so many memories of you that I will never forget. I will miss talking and gossiping with you, walking into the gym over the holidays to see you,going to PF Changs with you and the old gymnasts, how funny and entertaining you are, everything! If there is one thing that I am so thankful for that has touched me in so many ways is the tape you made me of all the years I spent at Tumbleweeds. I watched that the other day and it brought tears of joy and sadness because it reminded me of all the great times I had with you and how much you will be missed. I am so proud of you and admire everything you have accomplished in your life and how strong you were especially during hard times. You are a very special person Kim and my one and only true COACH. I love you and rest in peace.

Love always,
Brittany Hoffman (Former Tumbleweeds gymnast, former CSUF gymnast)

Savannah said...

Kim Bird was a great inspiration to me for the one and a half years I have known him. He is a wonderful, nice,talented person. I loved having him as my coach. I was in deep sorrow when Kim passed away and I will never forget his bright spirit that lifted me up when I was sad or angry.I know everyone that knows Kim Bird will be horribly sad and I know I will too. I will miss him deeply. It is just such a horrible and tragic time for all but we will get through it. Kim will ALWAYS I repeat ALWAYS be in my heart as I continue in gymnastics and as I continue my life.
Savannah Hughes <3
(Tumbleweeds gymnast)

Cindy said...


For 18 years Tumbleweeds has been our second home, I know many gymnasts feel the same as I do and we owe it all to you.

You provided 18 years worth of young ladies a place to feel safe and be encouraged to better themselves. It is for this, I thank you Kim. Thank you for being the second father, big brother, uncle, coach, friend, and most important the mentor to all of these young ladies including my daughter and I. We are all a family because of you!

We will all look back at our experiences and memories with you with admiration because you taught so much more than gymnastics. You taught us teamwork, determination, passion, perseverance, caring, love, hard work and many more life lessons. It is those life lessons we will carry with us forever and continue to apply to other areas of our lives making us stronger.

Thank you Kim for leaving a piece of you with all of us!

We will miss you!


Anonymous said...

To the family and friends of Kim, we offer our sincere condolences for your loss. Kim will be in our thoughts this season and there will definately be a void without him. His smile, enthusiasm and happiness was infectious. He will be missed my all who had the pleasure of knowing or even just meeting him, but he will never be forgotten. The Davis Girls.

Kelsey said...

Kim I am sorry I didn't stop by over these years, but I always thought of you. I did. When ever I think of you I remember how you reached out to me. I remember how you tried to help me during the hardest time in my life. You gave me knowledge, support, and guidance. That meant, and still does mean, everything today. It hits my heart like nothing I can discribe. You are a BEAUTIFUL person. SO, I Thank you for having been apart of my life, for giving me hilarious memories, and for having the heart that you have. God Bless.

Kelsey Birch (Former Tumbleweeds Gymnast, Former Tumbleweeds Rec-Coach)

Anonymous said...

Our deepest condolences are extended to the Tumbleweeds family, during this time of great loss. We have always enjoyed attending your Halloween Invitationals. Even this last time, when Kim was feeling ill, he was cheerful and anxious to meet everyones needs. This wonderful attitude has always reflected itself through the whole Tumbleweeds family. May you be wrapped in Peace and Strength, during these difficult times.

Lonnie Rule and the Desert Thunder Family

Caitlin said...

My thoughts and prayers are with the Bird and Tumbleweeds families during this difficult time. Having been a part of the AZ gymnastics community for less than 2 years, I have only known Kim as a judge and the owner of Tumbleweeds. After reading all these heartfelt messages, it is clear he was so much more than that to so many people! I will always remember Kim's terrific smile, the abundance of energy and enthusiasm he carried with him, and his kindness in making us feel at home whenever we attended competitions at Tumbleweeds. My most lasting memory of Kim however, is that whenever I was in his presence, he was making someone laugh. I wish you all much love and encouragement as you continue to carry on the legacy left behind by this wonderful man.

Caitlin Slein (Coach, Gold Medal Gymnastics)

Anonymous said...

I never knew Kim well but I have had the pleasure of judging his girls at competitions in Southern California. He was so funny and a pleasure to be around. After a long day of judging I looked forward to Kim coming to my event. Not only were his kids good but he was such a gentleman. He will be missed. God Bless the Bird family and job well done for raising such a fine man.

Anonymous said...

I am sad to say goodbye for now. You are missed forever,remembered for so many fun and silly moments, loved for so many reasons, and honored for your intense love of others. God bless you Kim.
With love and sorrow,
Mika Goldstein
(friend and fellow judge)

mgunderson1981 said...

Even though I have never met Kim Bird, I have heard stories in the gymnastics community. It would of been an honor to have met him but all I can do now is to honor him. I am the head coach at a Myrtle Beach,SC club, and I will make sure we say a prayer for him today at the gym to honor him. If he was a part of USAG he was a part of one of the strongest and most loving communities there is today in sports, and I know he will have many prayers said for him. May GOD give him peace, and may his family find strength.

Anonymous said...

I met Kim when he came to UofA as a gymnast. We all used to hang out together in the gym and socially. He has watched both of my girls grow up in the gym and I always looked forward to seeing him and catching up on "old times" when the gymnastics season would start. We've shared some wonderful memories that will always make me smile.

Thank you Kim. I will miss you.

Anonymous said...

Our whole family will miss you childhood is filled with precious memories from holidays spent at Uncle Cleon's with you and Kevin. I hope you have found peace up there with Aunt Barb and the two of you are smiling down at those who love you and miss you. We are deeply saddened by your passing, and I regret the years I didn't get to see you. I regret that my daughter will never get to meet you and learn all the fun tricks you taught Robin and I as kids.

With love to you and Cleon, Eric, Sandy, Craig, Kristi and Kevin...we love you and miss you...Kirsten, Keith and Jordan

Denise said...

Kim, My last memory will be our conversation the day you lost your dog. We have been friends a long time. You made an impact on Stephanie that will last a lifetime. You supported her and I during my divorce her back surgery and after that. You never wavered from the person you were. Kind and loving. You were a great person and one of the best coaches I know. We talked about how you were going to retire in 5 years and we shared our passion about the sport. We talked about how hard it is to be a coach but how you would never change it or replace it with anything else.

Kim I will miss you!

Love Denise

Janelle said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Bird family as well as Kim's Tumbleweeds family. Kim, thank you so much for all the advice and encouragement. I am a better judge as well as coach because of your positive words over the last few years. I am so grateful to have known you and been able to learn from you. Your infectious laugh and smile will be missed yet fondly remembered~ We will always remember you for your positive contribution to AZ gymnastics. Rest in peace Kim~
Love, Janelle McDonald

Lisa Behm, Elite Sportswear, GK said...

Dear Bird family and families of Tumbleweeds gymnasts: It was such a shock to learn of our friend's passing. If I had known the last day I saw him and gave him that hug that it would be the last time I was to see him I would have said so much more to him and held on a little bit longer. Unfortunately, we do not ever know when we are called to go home and it leaves us here on earth saddened and with an empty hole in our hearts. Kim was an awesome, loving, talented man with a love for the sport of gymnastics that went beyond any love I have seen. He poured everything he had into his club, his coaches, his judging and his "girls". He has touched the lives of so many throughout the gymnastics community - not only here in Arizona, but all throughout this wonderful sport. His legacy will not be forgotten and you were truly blessed to have him as a part of your lives. We love you Kim. Thank you for your incredible contribution in life as a teacher, a mentor, a brother, a son, a coach, a judge, a gym owner and a friend. Rest in peace my friend. Love Lisa Behm

Anonymous said...

Kim was my coach when I transfered from gym world in 1996. He had to be the greatest and enthusiastic coach ever. I made 3rd at state because of his determination to make me a great gymnast. I remember how proud he was of me and how special i felt because he cared so much. He was such an inspirational coach that i will never forget. Kim will be in my prayers.
-Holly Kirchberger

Anonymous said...

You made gymnastics a passion of mine when I was young and you made me want to be better and share the enthusiasm you had for the sport. Your smile lit up a room! Even when I visited a few years after I stopped gymnastics it made me so happy that you remembered me and were excited to see me. You will be missed very much and will never be forgotten, you touched me and so many others! Rest in peace.
Amber Page

Amanda said...

Kim, its hard for me to write this because you where my mentor, coach, and a friend. I really liked going to the gym because I always looked forwerd to see you. You had a great personality which i really special to me. So, I wish your family all my best wishes though this hard time.
Amanda Whitacre

Anonymous said...

My friend, my confindant, what will I do without you? I will miss your beautiful boyish grin and the warm genuine hug I got every time I saw you. I will miss the e-mails and the phone conversations, but most of all I will miss your energy and excitement and love for our sport. It's hard to think that you are really not there any more and it hurts alot. I pray for your family, that their memories of you will carry them through. I'm sorry we never got to Mexico and now every time I go there, I will think of you and how much you loved being there. I thank you for your support and love. I thank you for challenging us all to be better coaches. I love you and I will miss you but will never forget you.

Love Donna

Susana said...

I can never forget my hours at the gym with Kim. It's now been more than 8 years since I put on a leotard, but gymnastics will always be my passion. I can thank Kim and his love of the sport for that. Thank you for touching my life and for the hundreds of girls you've trained. The world has lost a dear friend and you will be missed greatly. God bless you and the legacy you leave behind.

Love, Susana Grajeda (Tumbleweeds gymnast 1992-1999)and family

Anonymous said...

Kim was an amazing person. He believed we could go as far as we wanted. It has been so long since I stepped in side a gym but not a day goes by that I dont think of the hours and dedication spent on gymnastics. Kim was an amazing coach and friend. He gave all the girls he coached something that will never be forgotten. I am deeply saddened by his passing and will always remember the strong influence Kim had on my life. Rest in peace Kim, I know you will be looking down on all of the girls you have helped live their dream. Your memory will ALWAYS live on in the lives you have touched.

Erin Anderson
Tumbleweeds gymnast 1999

The Dreier Family said...

We were part of the Tumbleweeds family from 1999 until 2002 when our daughter, Genna was competitive gymnast. Genna had to quit gymnastics due to a back injury. We were sad that Genna had to give up her gymnastics career and equally disappointed that we would no longer be part of the everyday gymnastics Tumbleweeds community. As parents we enjoyed our time being part of the Tumbleweeds family. We enjoyed chatting and having dinner with Kim after the meets where he would spend time equally with the girls and their parents. During our Tumbleweeds stay, our home was host to many gymnastics banquets. Kim was always appreciative and spoke about each girl’s accomplishments at the banquet. Kim truly cared about each and every one of his “Tumbleweeds girls.” Of course one of my favorite things was when Kim would remind the girls to clean up after themselves because this was not their “mother’s house.” Kim was an amazing, knowledgeable and inspirational all facets and levels of gymnastics. No one could choreograph a dance routine like Kim. Kim also tried to teach the girls to be young ladies. He worked with each girl trying to get each and everyone of them to achieve their full potential and be the best that they could be. When they nailed a routine he was so proud. It was hard to tell if he enjoyed their success even more than they did. When Kim opened up his new gym, we attended the open house. Kim was happy to see us, made us feel welcome and treated us as if we never left the gym. He personally took us for a tour. We last saw Kim at a University of Arizona gymnastics meet where he was judging a competition. Even though he was in a hurry, he stopped to say hi and gave us all one of his teddy bear hugs. Kim we will miss you more than you know, but we will try to fill our saddened hearts with the memories of your warmth and humor.


The Dreier Family

Eric said...

I knew Kim in high school at CDO, and I am very sorry to hear of his illness and passing. Kim was always a bright light shining a big ole grin 99.999% of the time! I can only imagine how much of a positive influence he must have been on all the people his life and work touched throughout the years, and I'm sure he will be sorely missed!
My deepest sympathies go out to the Bird family as well as his gymnastics family!
Eric Knight
CDO - Class of 1980

Anonymous said...

from Neela

I have loved Kim like a son for the last 2o years. I cannot believe I cant just call him on the phone to get his advise. He was a great coach and choreographer and an outstanding judge. If one of our kids could impress Kim I knew we were on the right track. He had the eye, we will all remember the Kim Bird method of judging vaulting, it worked if you had Kims talent. Kim was my sunshine, he always made me laugh. His family must be so proud of all his great accomplishments and how he touched so many peoples lifes. I know he touched by life and I will never forget him. Love Neela Nelson

Anonymous said...

Kim you were such a great mentor for me and you were always there to help me when I was down.You were there to help me wrap my ankles and you were there to help me with my back handsprings.But now that I think about it when I am at a meet I will always have an angel right above me telling me to point my toes and to just always believe in myself.This has been a hard time for me because you were basically my brother.

Hannah :-)

Doreen Miller said...

Kim was the best gymnastics coach that, I, as a parent could ask for my daughter. When we moved to Tucson, Kim made Courtney feel welcomed into his gymnastic family at Tumbleweeds. I am sad because it was too soon to lose a wonderful and positive person in our lives. I am encouraged as the Tumbleweeds continue to keep the light alive, the work that Kim started can and will continue. God bless the Bird family at this time. I will miss you, Kim. Doreen Miller, one of your gymnast parents.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

Wow... I can only imagine. Kim was such an inspiring coach, friend and associate. I was walking through Walmart when my brother Doug called me with the news, I just froze there for a moment in shock. Even though I have been out of the gymnastics world for nearly ten years now, when we were brought together again to remember my dad who passed in 2006, Kim made me feel like it was just yesterday that I was in the sport. Kim had a way of making everyone feel special and he will truly be, no he already IS missed by the Arizona gymnastics community.

Hey Kim! Give my dad a hug when you see him!

Scott Windsor
Windsor Firebirds 1975-1986
Arizona Sunrays 1986-1991
Prescott Eagles 1991-1998

Christina Wood/Colleen Wood said...

I am sorry that he is dead. He was a great guy and a great coach. I will miss him. He was one of my friends and it is hard to lose a friend. We will miss him somuch and I hope he is having a wonderful time in Heaven. I hope to see you one day. Stay cool. I am going to miss him. He will always be in my mind and heart!

Micki Shank said...

I am going to miss him so much! He was a great judge and friend. He was always so nice and caring. He was funny to! I'm sad that he is dead.

cyndeew said...

Our daughters, (Sioux & Jessica) had the wonderful opportunity to be among Kim's FIRST gymnasts when he started team with the YMCA and when he started TUMBLEWEEDS! I remember those years well. Kim was always a positive, enthusiastic, motivating force in their young lives. He may be gone from our physical presence, but his impact lives on in all who were fortunate enough to share a bit of life's path with him! Thank you Kim for being part of our "parenting TEAM" - it is so important to have quality mentors... LIKE YOU . . . investing in the futures of our children.
You will be missed...but you will be REMEMBERED with LOVE and APPRECIATION!
Because of you start shines brighter in the heavens!
Cyndee & Dave Wing

cyndeew said...

Our daughters, (Sioux & Jessica) had the wonderful opportunity to be among Kim's FIRST gymnasts when he started team with the YMCA and when he started TUMBLEWEEDS! I remember those years well. Kim was always a positive, enthusiastic, motivating force in their young lives. He may be gone from our physical presence, but his impact lives on in all who were fortunate enough to share a bit of life's path with him! Thank you Kim for being part of our "parenting TEAM" - it is so important to have quality mentors... LIKE YOU . . . investing in the futures of our children.
You will be missed...but you will be REMEMBERED with LOVE and APPRECIATION!
Because of you STAR shines brighter in the heavens!
Cyndee & Dave Wing

Anonymous said...

Kim always made me want impress him in gymnastics. I remember when he judged one of our intersquads at Desert Lights and gave me a 9.5 on floor. He told me that it was one of the best floor routines he's ever seen and that I was going to do great that season. He was right, and he wasn't even my coach! He was so much fun to be around at AZ Pines camp, and at regionals and TOPs. My first memory of him was when I broke my ankle at the Sweetheart meet in beam finals. He came over to me and my mom before we went to the hospital and told us that I was going to come back stronger and better. And I did! My mom and I loved his choreography. I still remember Kelli Winter's West Side Story routine. I loved it. He was inspiring just as a person, beyond being a coach/gym owner/judge, etc. We miss him!
-Maryn & Cindi Petera

Courtney Miller said...

Kim bird was an inspiration, up beat, always smiling and brought life, goals, happiness, strength, and a chance to succeed to all the girls who stepped into tumbleweeds. Kim was not only a coach but a father a friend and someone to look up to. Gymnastics is not just a sport to us girls at tumbleweeds its a family and Kim made sure of that. The times you hate him for pushing you so hard you turn around and love him in the end, Nothing is impossible to Kim and made sure everything was possible for us gymnast. I will miss him terribly but i will always look back and know that he impacted my life significantly as for many of us. Love you Kim And you will be missed and you will be always loved.

- Courtney Miller (Former tumbleweeds gymnast)

Anonymous said...

Kim was such an awesome coach. He always had such a positive energy and he brought smiles to all of his gymnast. I have nothing but happy memories of tumbleweeds. I remember walking into the gym about 3 years after moving to Indiana and Kim shouted my name from his office like he had seen me everyday since I left! I don't think that there will ever be another coach that can do your floor routine better than you, like Kim did! I miss you so much already, rest in peace.

~Jocelyn Sandoval (Former Tumbleweeds gymnast)

Gabby Ruiz (Former Gymnast at Tumbleweeds.) said...

I wish i could have seen him and everyone else at Tumbleweeds.I miss all of you soo Much! Im Sorry to hear about Kim. Im going to miss him very much too. :(. But Just remember he always wanted you guys to do good and he's in a better place now.
Rest in Peace Kim. <3

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim,

For more than 15 years you were our coach and friend. You provided the direction, training and discipline needed to manage a gymnast's talent. We will be forever thankful for the big part you played in some of the best years of our lives.

We'll miss you.

Jerry, Nancy and
Jamie Williams (Tumbleweeds and UCLA gymnast)

Kevin Bird said...

On behalf of the BIRD family, I wouuld like to express my appreciation and gratitude for all of you whom have shared your feelings, thoughts, prayers, and love for Kim and to the rest of the family. It is comforting to read and to hear from those whom Kim shared his life with. If you would like to contact me my email is: I would love to hear from you!

Kevin Bird

Lisa Higgins said...

The Valley Fever Center for Excellence wants to thank all of you for your outstanding show of support in the loss of Kim. We are continuing efforts towards a cure for this disease, and your contributions in Kim's name will go far to help.

Thank you -
Lisa Higgins, MPH
Associate Director, Valley Fever Center for Excellence

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Kim. I still miss you and think of you often.


Brittany said...

K I M ♥

My thoughts and prayers go to the Bird family for their loss. Kim was an awesome coach, friend, and person. He is deeply missed by everyone he knew. I miss you Kim!! Rest in Peace!!!

♥ Love always ♥
B r i t t a n y
(Former tumbleweeds gymnast, current Gold Medal gymnast)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a difference a year makes. A year without you has been empty to say the least. Gymnastics has certainly not been the same without you, nor will it ever be again. I miss you so much. The hardest part is knowing that every tomorrow will be without you. Although your spirit lives on in all the people whom you had touched over the years it's been hard to live the last year without you being a part of our lives.

Oh Kim! I wished I could say we didn't let you down. And while I know we didn't intentionally go against your wishes, it's hard to admit, but things certainly hasn't turned out as it should have or how you wanted it to.

People are better for knowing you but certainly not better without having your guidance and care, love and attention to detail, especially your incredible candor for the obvious and vast knowledge of gymnastics and human nature. Many often try to duplicate it but very few appreciate or truly understand the years of wisdom that followed you where ever you went.

It's the little things I miss the most. The talks and hugs, the caring and words of advice, your great ear for listening and your incredible sense of life and sense of humor. Your memory makes me smile everyday although a tear still rolls down my cheek.

To my friend... it's been really hard. Love you man! "I" will never forget nor will I every stop remembering all you did for me, my family and especially my daughter as well as everyone else's daughters. They may not appreciate or ever truly understand but I can certainly say Kim Bird, you were 100% correct.

You have had a restful year. Continue on in peace my friend. It's been hard to let you go, but your wings are certainly well deserved.

In your memory, now and forever...

Anonymous said...

Re:Anonymous Nov 17, 2008 entry: What a truly wonderful entry to read at any time, but especially when I am missing Kim so much. Knowing you all hold him close in your hearts still is a comfort to the rest of us missing him along with you. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

Anonymous said...

Shocking that another birthday has passed without you here. Happy Birthday my friend

Anonymous said...
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